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Eye and Ear protection are required to be worn at all times the Range is active.


The Red and the Green range lights are to be used at all times.

Red indicates the Range is in use and active with shooting taking place.

Green indicates the Range is safe, no active shooting is taking place.


Only guns on the firing line can be loaded.


No shooting ahead of the Firing Line.


No shooting at targets other than Club approved targets.


Before proceeding down range, all firearms on the line must be unloaded and made safe. Once the line is made safe, no one can cross the Yellow Line.


Before anyone proceeds down Range the line must be declared safe.


There will be No Handling of Firearms when someone is down range of the shooting line. Stay Behind the Yellow Line.


No Alcohol or Drug usage will be allowed at this Range.


Guests can only shoot in accordance with Club Rules governing guests.


Holster use is prohibited in the Club and is only permitted in the Range in accordance with Pinecrest SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) rules.


Jacketed ammunition is prohibited from use at the Club. Only lead, copper plated and copper washed ammunition is allowed. If in doubt please ask.


No centre fire rifle is permitted at the Range unless in accordance with SASS event or practice. Only .22 calibre rim fire rifles are allowed.

The Range is not approved by the CFO for centre fire rifles.


If more than one member is shooting, one member will be designated a RANGE OFFICER and will write their name on the R.O. Board.


No Live Ammunition is allowed in the Safe Work Area.


Each and every Members will swipe their Membership card at the front door to document with our Security system that they are entering the building.


Club Members will be responsible for their Guests regarding following all Club Rules. Each Member will be responsible for training, in all aspects, the safe hand gun procedures for each Guest on a one to one basis. One Guest will work with one Member.


If your Guest is shooting, you are watching. If you are shooting, your Guest is watching.


There is No Smoking on the Range or in the Club.


These Rules are for your Safety and will be Strictly Enforced.

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