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Have you ever wanted to try shooting a Handgun ?

It is Safe and Easy.  No License is Required.


We have an Open Night every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Please read all the information on this page for all the details.  You need to arrive before 7:30 pm to ensure you will be able to shoot.

When you attend,

You supply - a safe attitude and photo identification.
You certify - that you are Alcohol and Drug free during your visit.

We supply - a short safety course, taught by Canadian Shooting Sports Association certified Club Trainers.  A Club handgun, targets and 50 rounds of ammunition for you to fire.  You may take your targets home as a souvenir.


The road to our Club is on a residential street.  Please drive carefully and slowly.

Limit your speed to less than 40 kph on Ravine Rd.

A nominal fee of $20.00 is the only cost to you. 
The Club only accepts CASH in payment for our Open Tuesday Night.


Our Club and our Open New Shooter Night are run by Club volunteers.  We are normally open every Tuesday between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm but for Safety reasons we may limit the time the night is open and the amount of shooters on any given night due to the amount of Club Members who are able to attend to run the event.  

Our Open Night is a first come, first served event and we can not take bookings or reservations.  You must attend and take your place in line.  Due to the popularity of the New Shooter Night, we have a limit of 40 people per night.  Please arrive early to avoid any disappointment.  If you arrive after 7:30 pm you may not be able to shoot as we might not have enough time or staff available to do the required training.

We provide the required safety equipment, but you are welcome to bring your own earmuffs or safety glasses if you wish.  The Club will have a club member to supervise you while you are shooting on the line and who will be responsible for you while you shoot.

Valid (not expired) Photo Identification must be presented when you visit.  We accept Drivers Licenses, Health Cards, Passports, Ontario photo cards, PAL cards or other Canadian Government Photo Identification.  Your information is recorded and kept confidential and it is used only to identify you to the Club.  A Club Executive Member must be satisfied with the validity of your identification before allowing you to shoot.

Young adults 12-17 are welcome to shoot at the Club when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The parent or legal guardian must have proper photo identification as above and the youth needs to bring some other identification if they do not have photo ID.  The parent or legal guardian will certify that the youth is permitted to shoot.


No Photography is permitted in the Club or while you are shooting due to privacy reasons.  If you wish, you will be allowed to take a photo of yourself with the gun on the range after you have completed your shooting.  The Range Officer will direct you in taking photos.

The Club reserves the right to refuse anyone from shooting, stop you while shooting or remove you from the premises at any time during your visit at the Club Executive's sole discretion.

For those visitors to our Club who have enjoyed the chance to do some shooting,  Remember this the next time you Vote.

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